Press Release: Gerry O’Hanlon, Former Director General CSO Ireland joins Sensible Code as Non Exec Director

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2 min readJul 8, 2020

The Sensible Code Company is pleased to announce the appointment of Gerry O’Hanlon, former Director General Central Statistics Ireland, as a non executive director.

SensibleCode recently signed a £1.3 million contract with the UK Office for National Statistics, for Cantabular; data privacy technology that delivers real time statistical disclosure control.

Gerry O’Hanlon said …. “I am delighted to be joining The Sensible Code Company as a Non-Executive Director. As a career statistician, an ever-present key challenge was to maximise the statistical potential of available data to meet the needs of all users while ensuring that the principle of statistical confidentiality was fully adhered to in respect of all data subjects. The Cantabular software provides a cutting edge solution to assist Statistical Offices and other data holders in meeting this challenge in a timely and safe manner in an era of ever-increasing data availability and a concomitant focus on data protection”

CEO, Aidan McGuire added … “We are delighted to welcome Gerry O’Hanlon to Sensible Code, his arrival comes at a key moment; the Coronavirus pandemic shows the importance of timely granular statistical data for accurate modelling and planning. Cantabular has the capacity to transform and accelerate data dissemination to enable better policy & economic decision making“

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Note to editors

Gerry was a top-level manager in the Irish Central Statistics Office (CSO) for over twenty years prior to his retirement as Director-General in 2012. From 2013 to 2019, he was a member of the Good Practice Advisory Committee of the Greek Statistical System, serving as Chairperson of the Committee from 2013 to 2017. In recent years he has also led high-level teams in conducting extensive reviews of national statistical systems in over ten EU and other European countries. He has a BSc in Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics from University College Cork and a Masters in Strategic Management (Public Service) from Trinity College Dublin.

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The Sensible Code Company is a digital start-up with venture capital backing. It has won several awards for innovative technology products. Its ground breaking technology Cantabular(TM) modernises the processing and dissemination of data. The software is designed to support statisticians and data controllers, to help improve business operations that require the processing of confidential data.



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