Press Release: ONS UK selects Cantabular for Census 2021

The UK-based Office for National Statistics has selected Belfast company SensibleCode and its privacy preserving technology Cantabular for disseminating anonymised Census 2021 data.

The Sensible Code Company
2 min readJan 14, 2020

The three year contract valued at £1.3m is a significant commercial win for the company that specialises in products for modernising statistics.

The ONS is improving the way it disseminates data in order to add value to its community of users. Cantabular applies data anonymisation in real time as a user makes a census query. Data can be published sooner, users can self service their queries and researchers can get access to a high speed API to allow seamless data processing.

Aine McGUIRE, Commercial Director, SensibleCode. “We’re delighted to be working with the ONS, given its international reputation as the gold standard in statistical practice. Our technology will transform the way Census 2021 data is disseminated and deliver higher value to the economy, through better policy, better business decisions and valuable research. The software applies robust statistical disclosure control techniques in real time. The ONS is able to compute millions of tables of data at high speed whilst protecting anonymity and to ensure data are non-disclosive”.

About Office for National Statistics, UK

The Office for National Statistics (ONS; Welsh: Swyddfa Ystadegau Gwladol) is the executive office of the UK Statistics Authority, a non-ministerial department which reports directly to the UK Parliament. It is charged with the collection and publication of statistics related to the economy, population and society of the UK; responsibility for some areas of statistics in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales is devolved to the devolved governments for those areas.

About SensibleCode

The Sensible Code Company is a digital start-up with venture capital backing. It has won several awards for innovative technology products. Its ground breaking technology modernises the processing and dissemination of data. The software is designed to support statisticians and data controllers, to help improve business operations that require the processing of confidential data.

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