• Urban Škudnik

    Urban Škudnik

  • Paolo Costa

    Paolo Costa

    Postmedia, digital humanities, relationships between technology and societal change.

  • NetPlayer


    απαίσιος τυπος / awful guy. I control this reality.

  • Chris Wraith

    Chris Wraith

    Builds software. Geordie, part-time Londoner. Pianist+blues guitarist and occasional photographer. Abnormally fond of stationery and tea. Cat person. INTJ

  • Stijn F.

    Stijn F.

    Redacteur Trends Magazine, retail & technologie. http://www.trends.be Nieuwsfreak & internetnerd.

  • Pomin Wu

    Pomin Wu

    Co-founder of Trustable AI. Interested in mathematics, photography, map, open culture.

  • Rich Wilson

    Rich Wilson

    Co-founder of my two sons, Deviance, an AI-based hedge fund, Volcube and many others.

  • Neil Thackray

    Neil Thackray

    Founder of Briefing Media Ltd. See us at http://t.co/b6ePOHkyqu http://t.co/FHpcyzNAu3

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